11 Funky Hairstyles You Can Wear With That Corporate Job

Instagram / ChloeBrown

Short hairstyle

Instagram / ChloeBrown

Claire Gillespie via SheKnows
Claire Gillespie via SheKnows
July 14, 2024 at 7:41AM UTC
What do you do if you love a funky hairstyle but work in a conservative corporate environment? Simple: keep your wilder looks for after-office and during working hours go for something that still says "edge" but won't land you with a written warning from your boss. 
These Instagram looks are fresh, funky and perfect for taking you from boardroom to bar. 
1. Top knot

top knot

(Source: suavecitapomade/Instagram)

A top knot is the ideal working-day solution for long hair. 
2. Short and sweet

short hair

(Source: Instagram/chloenbrown)

An asymetrical short haircut will give you a contemporary look. 
3. Boxer braids

boxer braids

(Source: taytrancinhas/Instgram)

If you have a lot of hair boxer braids will keep it super neat and out of your way the entire day. 
4. Low sleek ponytail.


(Source: hairbyashtonia/Instagram)

Give your basic ponytail a contemporary twist with a low knot and disguised band. 
5. Bob


(Source: Instagram/__ucyu__)

A short, sharp bob brings attitude to a business meeting. 
6. Modern color

modern color

(Source: bescene/Instagram)

Bring edge to a soft cut with an on-trend colour
7. Blunt fringe


(Source: hadarahhair/Instagram)

A blunt fringe always looks sleek and modern. 
8. Nape undercut

nape undercut

(Source: bescene/Instagram)

Your colleagues see an ordinary hairstyle — but you know exactly what's going on underneath. 


9. Braids


(Source: thatdynamitechick/Instagram)

Create interest with braids — the design options are endless.
10. Plaited ponytail


(Source: hair_liv_/Instagram)

Liven up a standard ponytail with plaited sections. 
11. Pixie Cut

pixie cut

(Source: Instagram/sarahb.h)

A pixie cut never goes out of style and is ideal for a wash-and-go career woman.
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