41 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boss

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June 20, 2024 at 4:52AM UTC
Your workplace may be casual, and you might be pretty tight with your boss, but that doesn’t mean there are no boundaries. Even if you feel like your boss has become a friend, you should always avoid saying these 41 things -- unless you’re willing to jeopardize your job.
1. I really don’t feel like being at work today.
2. I think I’m going to call in sick tomorrow.
3. Do you want to call in sick with me tomorrow? We can get lunch and hang in the park!
5. I can’t wait to get a new job.
6. I have an interview tomorrow morning, so I’m going to be late.
7. I have an interview tomorrow but don’t tell [your boss’ boss].
8. Ugh, I hate working with Lucy. Can you fire her?
9. Can you make sure to never put me on any projects with Lucy?
10. Lucy told me that you might be getting fired.
11. Why does Lucy get to work on X, Y and Z while I’m stuck doing this boring stuff?
12. I’m on my way but will be a few minutes late.
        [....45 minutes later….] Ugh. Worst commute ever. Be there in a few! 
        [...half an hour later…] This is taking forever. Should be in by noon.
13. I need a raise ASAP.
14. It’s ridiculous that I haven’t gotten promoted yet.
15. I can’t do that. It sounds way too boring.
16. Can you ask Lucy to do that?
17. That’s not part of my job description.
18. It’s 5:04 so I’m gonna head out -- good luck with that massive project you need to finish tonight!
19. I told my therapist about you and she says our personalities really seem to clash.
20. TGIF! Want to get drunk at lunch today?
21.I don’t have much to do today. Can I take an extra long lunch break?
22. That’s not my fault. Lucy was the one who handled it.
23. I can’t believe I haven’t been fired yet. This is the first job I haven’t been fired from within 3 months!
24. Can you start staying at work later? It’s not fair that I’m stuck here after you leave most nights.
25. I’m so bored.  
26. I’m having a slow day so I just watched most of the third season of Friends. So good!
27. That’s not my priority right now, so I can’t really work on it.
28. I went on this Tinder date last night and slept at the guy’s place. Gotta run home and shower so I’ll be pretty late today!
29. You know when you’re having sex and…
30. I totally blacked out last night. I can’t remember how I got home!
31. Do I have to go to this meeting today? I think it’s going to be a huge waste of time.
32. My old boss and I really didn’t get along. She thought I was lazy and I thought she was too demanding.
33. Why would you assign that to me? You know writing isn’t my strong suit!
34. I don’t think that’s doable. I’m planning a wedding right now so I really don’t have time to take on new projects at work.
35. How have you been able to stand working here for so long?!
36. Can you tell [your boss’ boss] that I deserve a 50% raise this year?
37. My mom thinks I’m way overqualified for this job.
38. Is this seriously your dream job?
39 .I totally forgot to get my boyfriend a birthday present! I’ve gotta run out to look for something. Might take a few hours.
40. Do you know whose cereal is in the kitchen? I’ve been sneaking in and eating it every morning!
41. I overheard [your boss’ boss] saying you didn’t do a great job on that.
Somethings are just off limits no matter what. Your boss is your boss, and while she may be a trustworthy friend, your relationship with her is also tied to your career...so choose your words wisely!


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