7 Things You Shouldn't Do at Work When Mercury Is in Retrograde

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Leah Thomas866
June 14, 2024 at 9:14PM UTC

It’s about that time again -- the time where everything and everyone feels off. The dreaded Mercury retrograde.

Mercury retrograde is one of those phrases you hear and read so often that you should probably know what it is, but you still might not be sure. So what exactly is Mercury retrograde?

It’s a period of time where planet Mercury seems as though it has reversed its path to revolve from west to east instead of east to west. But the planet is actually just orbiting more slowly around the sun. Which, according to astrologers, can have effects on our horoscopes, especially Leos, Aquariuses, Taurses, and Scorpios. Sorry, guys.

While you can’t prevent Mercury Retrograde, you can take a few precautions to deal with its innumerable effects and hopefully not do too much damage to your work life. We’ve outlined a few tips below to help you get through this horrible time:

1. Don’t initiate any important conversations

Try to avoid any truly difficult or influential discussions with coworkers or bosses. With your brain being fuzzy and your emotions a little off, it’s best to prolong hard conversations. You’ll come to a better agreement when all parties are fully mentally prepared.

2. Don’t dismiss others’ emotions

Everyone is feeling a little off during this time. And no one’s emotions deserve to be disregarded -- you never know what other difficulties your colleagues are also dealing with on top of the dreaded retrograde.

3. Don’t react without taking deep breaths

Prevent any overreactions or emotional outbreaks by taking at least three deep breaths before allowing yourself to react to something that is upsetting you. Exercise and meditation can also be helpful in dealing with your emotions and preserving your mental sanity.

4. Don’t make any huge irreversible changes

Try to avoid quitting your job, starting a new relationship, ending an old relationship, or virtually any other life-altering decisions while Mercury is doing its thing. Your feelings may completely reverse after this period is over, causing you to regret whatever it is that you did.

5. Don’t pass judgments

While you were fortunate enough to read this article and prevent any regrettable workplace events from taking place, others may not have been as lucky. So try not to judge others for how they are dealing with Mercury (they may be a Taurus, you never know).

6. Don’t talk badly about people behind their backs

Even though you shouldn’t normally do this anyway, make an extra effort to be friendly and understanding. Your iffy mood could affect how you are viewing other people, and you never want to create a bad relationship with a colleague.

7. Don’t calm your nerves with bad spending decisions

While work may be extra frustrating during this time, try not to resort immediately to retail therapy. Access your creative side. Go to the beach. Take a hot yoga class. And then we give you permission to buy yourself a little something.

8. Avoid all confrontations

Refer to number seven if your limit is being pushed by any Mercury-effected coworkers or bosses. Wait until you have full mental clarity to tell your boss how you really feel (but even then, you probably shouldn’t).

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