Growing Into Leadership in a Field That’s 75% Male-Dominated — Advice From a Woman in Cybersecurity

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Teri Robb

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April 22, 2024 at 10:0PM UTC

“Always be yourself. Don’t change who you are in order to fit in as your uniqueness is what makes you special.”

That’s the most memorable piece of career advice Teri Robb, the Vice President of Sales, Major Accounts at Netskope has ever received. And this advice has served her well during her decades-long career in a typically male-dominated industry where women make up only about 24% — cybersecurity. 

While Robb has been leading her current team for around five months, she’s been in sales leadership in the cybersecurity and information technology field for 25 years. And, throughout this time, she’s gained a great deal of fantastic advice and tips for others who are considering joining this field — or want to grow their existing cybersecurity career! Read on to learn more. 

Career growth advice. 

What’s something that’s a must for growing your cybersecurity career? Mentorship! “Mentoring both women and men is very important,” Robb tells us. “We have a shortage of cybersecurity professionals in our industry, and diversity is critical for creating new ideas and filling important roles.”

For her part, Robb makes sure to share her wealth of knowledge by making time in her busy schedule for mentorship. “I have been involved in creating new formal mentoring programs within organizations for both early and advanced career women,” she explains. “These types of programs help build a dynamic culture within an organization and help organizations attract talent.”

For women looking for other ways to grow their skills and find support, employee groups are also a fantastic resource. At Netskope, Robb is a part of FIERCE and Awesome Women of Netskope (AWON). As part of AWON, women in tech at Netskope meet for casual social events, take part in open forums with amazing thought leaders, have opportunities to speak to industry experts, and support each other's career growth, together! Finding groups like these is an incredibly important part of growing your career. 

Finally, Robb says to “take a risk, and don’t wait until you think you are ready.” If you see a career opportunity that you are interested in, “take it,” says Robb. “You will grow, and you will learn!”

Exploring a great company for women in tech.

If you’re ready to take the next step in your cybersecurity career at a truly friendly and people-first company, then you should consider joining Robb at Netskope. “Netskope has a very special and collaborative culture,” Robb tells us. “Our executive team has made it a priority from the very early days of Netskope and has worked very hard to keep that culture alive.”

At the company, “everyone strives to be successful as a team,” notes Robb. And this inclusive and collaborative culture helps “both women and men thrive and be the best they can be,” she emphasizes. 

And Robb is far from the only person who feels this way. Women from all over the company love working at Netskope.

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