Here’s Why PwC Is Ranked As The #1 Workplace For Parents

Courtesy of PwC. Martin Preedy (far right) is a PwC employee.

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PwC employee Martin Preedy and family

Courtesy of PwC. Martin Preedy (far right) is a PwC employee.

May 18, 2024 at 6:48AM UTC
Martin Preedy, pictured above, credits PwC’s flexibility policies with helping him and his wife, an Air Force physician, raise their daughter and maintain their careers without constraints. Martin has taken advantage of extended parental leave, flexible schedules, the ability to transfer between markets when his wife was reassigned to Andrews, and a customized professional role that permits him plenty of mobility.
Women who are buildling a career while raising a family don't have it easy. Yet while many may feel that work compromises family life, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) is known for its commitment to helping working mothers make it work. In fact, the firm recently landed the #1 spot on Fortune's list of best places for parents to work. 
The rankings are based on anonymous employee feedback, as well as benefits that help mothers and fathers participate fully in their organizations. The list is comprised from the results of more than 120,000 surveys of U.S. employees across a range of industries.
In addition to Fortune, numerous others — including DiversityInc, Working Mother, and Catalyst — have recognized PwC for its commitment to retaining and advancing women and for developing flexible tools and resources to support them along the way. This year, PwC also was ranked on the Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for the 12th year in a row.

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PwC encourages flexibility and individualized career options in order to provide people with a unique and personalized experience. “The flexibility offered by PwC is second-to-none,” one woman wrote on Fairygodboss. “I have two kids and lead a very large national team. I have always felt that I could take the time I needed to be with my kids while at the same time, I have felt fulfilled and appreciated at work.”
Another employee praised PwC’s parental leave policies, noting that she was able to take a substantial amount of time off when she had a child without sacrificing her vacation time. “The maternity leave is great,” she said in a review on Fairygodboss. “The awesome thing was that, while I was on leave, I was still accruing more vacation time so I did not have to feel guilty about using it all up while on my leave. I knew I would still have more left over once I returned from my leave."
Not content to rest on their laurels, though, PwC has made some incredible enhancements to their parental leave plan — which was already top-tier, with 8-10 weeks paid and 26 weeks total. Under the new policy, effective July 1, eligible parents will still receive their paid leave within the first year of a child's birth, adoption, or foster placement. But, in addition, parents will also have the option to work 60% of their usual hours — at full-time pay — for the four weeks following their return from parental leave, making for a phased-in transition back to work. 
Of course, the arrival of a new child isn't the only occasion where people need to care for their families. In recognition of that, PwC has instituted paid leave for family care more broadly. Effective July 1, eligible caregivers will have access to four paid weeks to care for certain relatives with serious health conditions — which is such an essential, and often overlooked, form of support.
Indeed, parents who work at PwC feel well-supported by the firm’s policies. Another employee shared on Fairygodboss that “PwC has incredible maternity benefits and offers plenty of opportunity for flexible work. I have been with the firm for 16 years — relocated four times for personal reasons, now have had three children, and work from home. There are multiple career paths for success, depending on your interests, etc. At one stage of my life I wanted to travel internationally — and PwC provided me with the opportunity. Now, I want to stay close to home and I'm also able to manage a successful career. I wouldn't consider leaving.”
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