Here’s Why You Should Join This Purpose-Driven Fortune 500 Company With 9 Decades of Growth

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Photos courtesy of Henry Schein.

Photos courtesy of Henry Schein.

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May 25, 2024 at 2:38PM UTC

You may not have heard of Henry Schein — a leading worldwide distributor and solutions provider for healthcare professionals. However, if you’re looking for a great place to grow your career, you’ll want to learn more about this organization! 

“While we may not be a household brand, we are undoubtedly the largest company serving office-based dental and medical practitioners worldwide,” says Ann Marie Gothard, VP, Global Corporate Media Relations.  “We’re a Fortune 500 organization with approximately 22,000 dedicated Team Schein Members (TSMs) serving more than one million customers in 32 countries and territories.”

Henry Schein was founded in 1932 by Henry and Esther Schein who believed that a sense of purpose and commitment to their values would be a key driver of the company's success. “Over the past nine decades, we have remained steadfastly committed to the core philosophy that our purpose-driven mission of ‘doing good’ for our stakeholders is inextricably linked to our company ‘doing well in business,” explains Lexi Catapano, who works for Henry Schein Cares. “This spirit of corporate citizenship is exemplified through Henry Schein Cares (HSC), our global corporate social responsibility program. Through our HSC Foundation, we have empowered our team members to give back and contribute to large-scale societal issues such as health equity, socio-economic inequity, and environmental sustainability.” In 2020, Henry Schein made a commitment to donate at least $50 million in cash and product to further mitigate the aforementioned societal issues. 

This philanthropic mission is one of the aspects that separates Henry Schein from others in their industry. “Our philanthropic initiatives, which generally work toward closing the health equity gap, are unique within our industry and are comparable to some of the larger corporately owned foundations,” Catapano says.

Further, their business model — as a total solutions-based organization, not just a distributor — has helped Henry Schein truly stand out from the competition. With Henry Schein, customers can feel safe knowing that they have the infrastructure to solve any challenge, and Henry Schein is there to help grow their business and the industry, too.

The values and principles by which Henry Schein lives isn’t just for their external partners and customers. Henry Schein treats its team members with the same care and compassion. If you’re interested in finding out whether Henry Schein can be the right culture for you as you advance your career read on!

How Henry Schein is dedicated to helping you grow in a fair environment.

No matter if you’re an entry-level job seeker or at an advanced career level, Henry Schein is looking for people like you — and has dedicated resources to help you grow. “At Henry Schein, we are very intentional about partnering with our  TSMs throughout their career journey,” says Seema Bhansali, VP of Team Schein Member Experience and Inclusion. This support involves:

  • Working together to identify your strengths and growth opportunities.

  • Creating a roadmap with clear objectives and goals that challenge you to be the best version of yourself. 

  • Providing the guidance and mentorship you need to achieve your career aspirations. 

  • Supporting your growth using an employee-centric model that values you above all else.

In parallel to these efforts, Henry Schein is focused on growing a more diverse team. As part of this, they’ve made a public commitment to achieve gender parity in senior leadership by the year 2030 via Paradigm for Parity. And this commitment isn’t out of the blue, it truly aligns with the core values this purpose-driven company has…

The eight core values that make Henry Schein great.

Henry Schein’s eight core values are:

  • Diversity and Inclusion — Diversity and authenticity are embraced to create a sense of belonging for all.

  • Each Person Is as Important as the Next — They recognize the value of all TSMs and their individual and collective contributions to the Company

  • Ethics — They believe that conducting themselves with the highest degree of ethics and integrity is foremost in driving a successful business

  • Recognize Creativity and Encourage It — They strive to create an environment where creative thinking is the norm, not the exception

  • Mutuality — They believe that Henry Schein and its TSMs are mutually responsible for the success of the business

  • People Are Our Greatest Asset — The uniqueness of Henry Schein has always been the richness of its history, the power of its values, and the dedication of its people.

  • Open Communication — They believe that effective communication is critical to their continued success.

  • No Politics — They believe that politics distracts from great business practices; it never enhances them.

Benefits that we think you’ll love.

To align with their people-first core values, Henry Schein provides a wealth of great employee benefits. These include generous paid time off, income protection, a work-life assistance program, educational benefits, eldercare support, and maternity and family benefits such as resources to support starting a family, navigating pregnancy, and/or balancing life as a working parent.

And this isn’t where the benefits end either! Henry Schein also hosts a Women’s Leadership Network whose mission is to provide a forum that empowers, develops, and connects a network of women to drive business success through programming, mentorship, and personal and professional development. They also have a D&I Council focused on driving diversity goals, a heavily engaged senior leadership team including the Board of Directors, and several other employee resource groups committed to enhancing their company culture.  

In addition, Henry Schein has a Wellness Committee that is focused on providing holistic support for their employees. In the committee, “we use the power of inclusion to foster an intrapreneurial environment focused on the wellbeing of our TSMs, driven by our values, by offering resources, guidance, and support,” explains Bhansali.

No matter the role you are seeking, consider joining Henry Schein to become part of a team that makes the world a healthier place.

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