25 High Paying Jobs For Women

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June 23, 2024 at 9:4AM UTC
We know that there's still a major gender wage gap in today's workplace. Pew Research reports that women made about 83 percent of what men made in 2015, but the silver lining? That percentage is finally starting to narrow. Women have more earning potential than ever before, and their average annual salary is there to prove it.
Of all the strategies we can use to lessen the gender pay gap, landing high pay jobs is one of them. Traditionally, high-paying jobs are dominated by men. The base salary of those industries' entry-level jobs outpaces the median salary in other "pink collar" career paths. It's important to support, sponsor and advocate for women who want to become managers, earn a master's degree, become engineers and reach the highest pay job possible. Certain industries have positions that offer a higher salary, which places women in a better spot for their long-term career.

25 High-Paying Jobs for Women

So what are the top paying industries for women? What jobs earn women the highest pay? We’ve taken data on median annual salaries (2017) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and put together a list of the 25 highest paying jobs for women
If you're looking for a career change, here are the jobs you'll want to consider:

25. Editor

How much they earn: $58,770
An editor’s job description can vary from publication to publication, but they generally ensure that all of the content in a publication is accurate.

24. Financial Manager

How much they earn: $125,080
Financial managers typically research how to improve an organization’s profitability and prepare financial reports that help do so.

23. Postsecondary Teacher

How much they earn: $76,000
Postsecondary teachers are mostly university professors, but they also include technical education instructors and other teachers beyond the high school level.

22. Medical and Health Services Manager

How much they earn: $98,350
These professionals coordinate medical services for an entire facility or a medical practice for a group of physicians.

21. Financial Analyst

How much they earn: $84,300
A financial analyst studies data and makes financial recommendations to individuals or organizations.

20. Psychologist

How much they earn: $77,030
Psychologists help patients overcome mental health issues as well as study human behavior and cognitive processes.

19. Occupational Therapist

How much they earn: $83,200 
Occupational therapists help individuals who are disabled. They also help those who have been through a traumatic incident gain (or regain) skills to participate in daily activities.  

18. Physical Therapist

How much they earn: $86,850
Physical therapists help patients manage pain and improve mobility through a variety of clinical exercises.

17. Purchasing Manager

How much they earn: $66,610
A purchasing manager is responsible for buying and acquiring goods or services for an organization.

16. Producers and Directors

How much they earn: $71,620
Producers are responsible for the financial aspects of a film, commercial or stage production. Directors are responsible for the creative direction.

15. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

How much they earn: $63,230
Market research analysts and specialists gather data to help a company market itself.

14. Education Administrator

How much they earn: $92,360
School administrators typically oversee a school or district’s budget, hire and manage staff and shape the academic community.

13. Computer Systems Analyst

How much they earn: $88,270
A computer systems analyst looks at an organization’s existing information systems and helps it run more efficiently.

12. Marketing and Sales Manager

How much they earn: $121,060
Depending on the organization, a marketing and sales manager might oversee a sales team, evaluate a marketing plan or develop sales objectives. 

11. Human Resources Manager

How much they earn: $110,120
A human resources manager ensures that employees of an organization are aware of all HR policies, including compensation, benefits and payroll.

10. Computer Programmer

How much they earn: $82,240
A computer programmer creates code for computer software and websites.

9. Operations Research Analyst

How much they earn: $81,390
An operations research analyst helps an organization run more efficiently using statistical analysis or other advanced data analysis.

8. Management Analyst

How much they earn: $82,450
Management analysts help an organization’s managers and help improve a company’s efficiency.

7. Software Developer, Applications and Systems Software

How much they earn: $103,560
A software developer designs and tests computer software.

6. Nurse Practitioner

How much they earn: $110,930
Nurse practitioners provide general or family care and can diagnose illnesses.

5. Physicians and Surgeons

How much they earn: $208,000
Physicians and surgeons diagnose illnesses and prescribe medication or operate on patients to alleviate symptoms.

4. Computer and Information Systems Manager

How much they earn: $139,220
A computer and information systems manager is essentially the manager of an IT department. They often act as a liaison between executives and the IT department.

3. Lawyer

How much they earn: $119,250
Lawyers advise their clients on a variety of legal matters.

2. Pharmacist

How much they earn: $124,170
Pharmacists measure out and give advice on medications to patients.

1. Chief Executive

How much they earn: $183,270
A chief executive’s role completely depends on the organization, but they generally are in charge of the vision and overall strategy of a company.

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