5 Ways to Deal with Divorce Without Missing a Career Beat


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Sarah Landrum
Sarah Landrum20
May 24, 2024 at 4:40AM UTC
As much as you’d like it to, life doesn’t pause in the midst of your divorce. Instead, you have to soldier on in all aspects, but especially at the office. You might wonder just how you’ll be able to do that with so much on your mind, but it’s possible.
Here are five of the best ways to focus and flourish in your career, no matter what’s happening at home:
1. Cut Down on Personal Communication at Work
Whether your lawyer calls you, emails you or both, it can be tempting to allow divorce-related communication to infiltrate your workplace. You should remain steadfast in your resolve to keep things professional while you’re at work, though. For one thing, news regarding your divorce can completely throw you off course during an otherwise focused and productive day.
Plus, in many workplaces, your higher-ups will be able to see your Internet usage including the frequency with which you’re checking your personal email. You don't want them to use this against you — avoid doing it as best you can. 
2. Tell Your Boss What’s Going On
You don’t want to share details of your personal life with your coworkers, and that’s totally understandable — but you should disclose the fact that you’re going through a divorce to your boss.
There are a few reasons why your manager should be in the know. For starters, you might need to leave work a few times for divorce-related appointments with lawyers who will decide how to distribute your shared property equitably. Not only will an informed boss be more understanding and flexible with the time you take off, but they may also provide you with opportunities to make up for the missed time so that you don’t suffer financially.
On top of that, your work is inevitably going to suffer from time to time due to what’s happening to you both legally and emotionally. You don’t want your boss thinking you’ve lost focus or motivation for no reason — if they know you’re in the midst of the divorce, they’ll know your typical quality of work will resume.
3. Stay Busy
You have a lot going on outside of work, of course, but don’t let that be a reason for you to take it easy in the office. If you leave yourself with little to do, you’ll have too much time to stress about your personal life, after all.
So, volunteer to take on more projects and lead others. Not only will you be able to distract yourself from what’s going on outside of work, but you’ll also feel confident and powerful when you complete those tasks. During a divorce, it’s essential for you to remember that you have these qualities.
Just make sure you find the right number of projects to take on. If you overdo it, you might make yourself more stressed out, and that’s the last thing you need right now.
4. Maintain Your Health
Even if you’re successfully separating your personal and professional lives, you might still feel the strain of your divorce. This can cause your self-care regimen to suffer, but it’s imperative that you continue to take care of yourself throughout the process so that you have the stamina to work and attend all the required legal proceedings.  
So, find an exercise regimen that helps you blow off steam such as yoga or kickboxing. On top of that, nourish your body with healthy foods that make you feel your best. If you haven’t ever followed a nutritional plan or workout program, use this time to discover the benefits that healthy living can have, both mentally and physically. You’ll be surprised at just how much these outlets can help you through your divorce.
5. Lean on Outside Support
Finally, you will need to find people who you can talk to and in whom you can confide. Some people might consider some of their colleagues to be their best friends — in that case, you can discuss your divorce with them, but make sure you’re doing so off the clock. You don’t want to field any questions about your situation at work since it could distract or upset you when you need to focus.
The best thing to do is to lean on non-work friends and family to get you through this change in your life. They’ll help you emotionally and with your to-do list, too. They can help you maintain your household as you attend appointments with your legal team. Knowing they’re there will help fizzle your stress, meaning you can tackle your work with peace of mind. 
Do It for You
Divorce will always be difficult, but you can do your part to relieve your stress throughout the process. By taking these five steps, you’ll be on your way to regaining control of your life without skipping a beat professionally. And knowing that you have a healthy career of your own will help you realize you will be okay on the other side, too.

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