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July 14, 2024 at 1:59PM UTC

Before COVID, remote jobs existed and were becoming more mainstream. Now, it’s the norm — at least for the duration of the pandemic and increasingly so even as the world opens back up. But will remote jobs, good remote jobs, stick around after? That does depend on your personal motivations and preferences, but there are options.

We’ve compiled a list of places job-seekers can turn to for remote jobs. With so many job boards out there, we’ve focused on those sites that either offer 100% remote positions or that allow you to search and filter for remote jobs on their sites.

33 places to find remote work

With all the caveats and context out of the way, we’re now happy to introduce a round up 31 great websites where you can look for remote jobs. Depending on your skills and industry, some may be well worth exploring!

1. 99Designs

99 Designs is a great place to find project-based work or meet clients who are interested in your graphic design skills. If you’re a creative type, and happy to work on a freelance basis designing logos, mobile apps or websites, you can find project work and meet longer-term clients as an independent contractor on this site.

2. Axiom Law 

Axiom is a digital law firm in the sense that attorneys in their network work either on site at a client, remotely (or in some combination of the two). It is a way for attorneys who are looking for an alternative to going into a traditional law firm to practice. Some attorneys are staffed on a long-term basis to the same client(s) while others appear to work on discrete projects.

3. Business Talent Group 

Business Talent Group bills itself as a marketplace for high-level professional consultants to meet top employers such as corporations and private equity firms looking for senior-level hires on a project basis. They boast an impressive clientele list and may be a good fit for you if you’re an executive-level professional looking to work as an independent contractor.

4. CloudPeeps 

CloudPeeps is a freelancer and independent contractor community focused predominantly on content creators, community builders, marketers and social media types. Hourly gigs range from $30/hour to $150/hour and are based on rates that freelancers set for their own work. Monthly gigs and projects are also available.

5. Fiverr 

As the name of the company implies, gigs listed on Fiverr all start at $5 (USD). Fiverr calls them services (rather than projects) and each freelancer in this community lists specific projects they are willing to complete. Sometimes the services cost more than $5 but the initial “test service” is only $5. The services on Fiverr are wide-ranging and can be eclectic, ranging from writing you a powerpoint presentation and proofreading up to 1,000 words, to creating a custom rap song to doing a celebrity impersonation for a video. At this price point, this site may be best suited to those looking for small amounts of supplemental income.

6. Freelancer 

With an impressive international reach and focused on the small business marketplace, Freelancer brings together millions of employers and freelancers to work on projects such as data entry, writing, design, accounting and website development. Job seekers can find fixed price projects, hourly projects or bid and participate in contests that have been established by employers.

7. Freelancermap 

This marketplace brings together millions of professionals and projects together, with the average project paying $200. They focus on many different kinds of work, including logo and graphic design, market research, telemarketing, translation work, data entry and administrative work such as typesetting and powerpoint presentation assembly.

8. FlexJobs 

This site gets their employees involved in curating the job postings, which you can only access by paying a membership subscription. The benefit of doing so is that you are assured that the job listings are not stale, and vetted by a human being that’s checked to ensure that a role is truly a “flexible” and/or remote. Notably, there are plenty of full-time and part-time roles here, not just freelancer positions.

9. GrowthGeeks 

This marketplace is focused on growing businesses and start-ups that are interested in hiring independent contractors to work on specific “gigs”. While there are many different kinds of gigs listed on GrowthGeeks, much of the work listed here seem to focus on helping companies grow their social media presence, email lists and related marketing projects.

10. Guru 

Guru is a freelancer marketplace with a concentration of services in the web development, IT and web design space. Writing and translation services are also extremely prevalent throughout the site. All the gigs listed here are 100% remote.

11. Jobspresso 

Jobspresso’s jobs are hand selected and focused on software developers and creative professionals. Many of their employers list full and part-time roles and are brand name companies in the tech industry (e.g. Microsoft and Amazon, just to list a few when we took a look).

12. Maven 

Maven describes itself as a “microconsulting platform” where job seekers set an hourly rate, describe their experience and areas of expertise and should appeal to those with specific and strong knowledge domains. The work here is on a project basis, and may be most suitable for independent contractors though it appears some Mavens are supplementing their employee income on this platform.

13. Apres 

Focused on moms who are interested in flexible jobs, Apres’ jobs appear to be a combination of freelance/contract, full-time flex or part-time roles at media, start-up and tech industries.

14. Mechanical Turk 

The grand-daddy of administrative and data-entry tasks, Amazon’s platform connects workers interested in “Human Intelligence Tasks” (HITs) with employers interested fulfilling projects within a global 24x7, remote contract workforce.

15. Fairygodboss

Focused on helping women achieve career goals, Fairygodboss works with employers who are actively trying to become more diverse and inclusive. Within our job search section, you can filter for remote positions at hundreds of reputable companies.

16. Peopleforce 

Peopleforce calls itself an enterprise crowdsourcing platform, and works on a transaction basis to connect employers with an army of people with data entry, data cleaning, tagging, and research skills. Employers in sectors ranging from publishing, financial services and manufacturing all seem to need freelancers with these administrative data-oriented skills.

17. ProBlogger 

If you’re a writer interested in blogging for a company or employer blog, ProBlogger has a job board designed for you. They list jobs from employers who are interested in finding writers who will produce blog content on a regular basis, as well as consult on their blog, design a blog or set up a blog for them. While these roles are not always explicitly labeled “remote”, most writing positions can offer that flexibility.

18. Proonto 

Staffed with customer service and product experts, Proonto is a platform connecting sales and customer support associates with employers looking for remote assistance on their online chat modules. The service may be a good fit if you’re looking to interact and help e-commerce shoppers.

19. Remote OK

With a heavy emphasis on technical and software development jobs in the start-up and technology industry, there is even a section to look for jobs within the category of “remote startups.” If you’re interested in looking by coding language, their job search interface makes that a cinch.

20. Freelancer to Hire

Once you register for free on this site, you can bid on projects and freelance jobs. The employer will then review your skills, experience, portfolio and other factors and decide whether or not to contact you and hire you for the project. Transactions are secure and reliable.

21. Remotive 

We were impressed by their listing of remote jobs and saw an emphasis on tech and product positions at smaller tech firms and start-ups on Remotive’s site. All jobs listed on Remotive appear to be full-time, remote positions and they have a bi-monthly newsletter that focuses on the issues and topics around remote working.

22. Remotists

Remote job seekers can receive high-paying remote jobs via email every week from more than 2,500 top remote companies by signing up for Remotists. Positions are personally selected for you by the company's experience hiring managers across categories like development, admin, marketing, support and much more.

23. SkiptheDrive 

SkipThe Drive is a free site for job seekers, requiring no user registration and only lists telecommuting and remote jobs (full and part-time). They also provide a list of their favorite telecommuting companies (which includes many large corporates) and a telecommuting calculator to help you understand how much remote working may save you!

24. Stack Overflow Careers 2.0 

Stack Overflow is a huge developer community filled with crowdsourced Q&A content for the technical community. They also have a job listings board that is searchable based on you your technical expertise. If you filter for remote jobs, you will see they generally have a few hundred of those development roles (mostly on a full-time basis) at any given time.

25. Daily Remote 

When you join Daily Remote, not only will you be able to get access to exclusive remote jobs every day, but you'll also become a part of a community of other candidates and career experts. You'll receive tips on interviewing, read perspectives from other remote workers and find additional, useful information — all for free.

26. Upwork 

If you’ve heard of Elance and Odesk, they’ve both disappeared and merged to become Upwork, making it the world’s largest freelancer marketplace for remote work. Jobs listed on Upwork tend to be in the digital web development space (in particular website and graphic design and development. However, when we looked, there are also plenty of customer service, marketing, sales, data entry and writing roles available on a project basis.

27. Virtual Vocations 

A job board listing over 60 career categories and hand-screened positions from administrative jobs to executive positions, Virtual Vocations charges job seekers a subscription fee for full access to their job listings and a free version for partial access. They list full-time, part-time and contract-based work but all of it is remote work.

28. Werk 

Werk is a new online talent exchange that pairs skilled women with flexible work opportunities with employers. They facilitate short-term projects such as maternity leave solutions, job-sharing and remote projects from employers.

29. We Work Remotely

This site offers predominantly tech and IT positions at smaller tech firms or leading start-ups. Filtered by recently, and category, job seekers can find a list of 100% remote positions. They also offer jobs in marketing and customer service.

30. Working Nomads 

Offering a short but highly curated list of remote jobs, job seekers can sign up to receive regular job updates and find work in the development and design areas. Working Nomads also offers jobs in IT and customer service. Their site design is sure to inspire some wanderlust!

31. Expat Genius 

This site helps expats find locals who are willing to help them settle into their new home country, culture and environs. If you're looking to capitalize on your knowledge of, well, your home city and country, this could be a great freelance opportunity.

32. Hubstaff 

A freelance directory that sets itself apart by being free of all fees and markups.

Even if you’re not sure if remote-working is for you, reviewing a few of these resources will give you a better idea of what’s out there (job title, salary, employers, etc). And if we’ve missed a great remote job board, please let us know and we’ll add it. Happy job-searching!

33. Remote4Me

Find jobs in both tech and non-tech sectors on Remote4Me. The site aggregates jobs with phrases like “team is entirely remote” or “work from whenever you want” in their job descriptions, filtering out those that are only part-time or sometimes remote to curate the best completely remote options.


What's your number one piece of advice for someone interested in remote work and looking for a remote job? Share in the comments to help other Fairygodboss members.

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