NBC News Reporter is Every Working Mom When Childcare Falls Through

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Maricar Santos via Working Mother
Maricar Santos via Working Mother
April 22, 2024 at 10:15PM UTC
As a morning news anchor for MSNBC, Stephanie Ruhle starts her day very early in the morning. But when inclement weather last week interfered with her childcare arrangement, she was forced to think quickly—and her solution will resonate with working moms everywhere.
On Twitter last Friday, the mom of three—to sons Harrison and Reese and daughter Drew with husband Andy Hubbard—showed her followers a photo that explained what she did "when news keeps coming and a windstorm blows your sitter out of town."
In the pic are two of her kids sleeping on the floor of her MSNBC office, covered in blankets. She continued the caption, writing, "Friday nights @msnbc. See you at 11:15 on @11thHour #workingmom #thisiswhoweare."
Stephanie also posted the photo to her Instagram where she revealed she had given her kids some sweet treats for dinner. She asked her followers, "Do Girl Scout cookies for dinner and sleeping on your office floor count as camping? #workingmom #newsneversleeps #ithouhttvwasgonnabeglamorous"
However, her kids didn't end up catching some z's on the floor after all. In another post on Instagram, the mom uploaded an image of a colleague's office, with her kids supposedly sleeping on the couch under blankets. Describing the pic, she wrote, "Forever in the market for an upgrade ... I’ve never actually seen anyone sit on Lawrence O’Donnell’s couch ... So why not hijack it for an @msnbc slumber party? #sorrylarry #workingmom #effortiseverything"
Since she posted the pics on Twitter and Instagram, Stephanie has been applauded on social media for finding a quick solution to her lack of childcare options at the time: by bringing her kids with her to work. One Twitter user wrote, "Moms never stop. Seriously, this is a testament to your dedication and strength. And kudos to your kids for rolling with it." Another user, on Instagram, said, "They are with you. That’s all that matters. My Dad raised his kids alone and some of my best memories are when we went to work with him. Girl, you are doing great!" Her company, MSNBC, was also praised for letting Stephanie bring her kids to sleep at the office in the first place.
As all working moms know, even when a babysitter cancels last minute, or there's an unexpected school closure due to weather, you gotta do what you gotta do to care for your kids and do your job.

This article originally appeared on Working Mother.

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