7 Style Choices That’ll Instantly Make You Seem More Confident (Without Spending a Fortune)

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Kayla Heisler1.16k
June 20, 2024 at 4:58AM UTC

There’s definitely a case to be made for splurging on a timeless investment piece or two. But overall, building a fierce and fashionable work wardrobe shouldn’t drain your paycheck.

For those days when you need that extra bit of *oomph* to really power through, be strategic about using sartorial tactics that provide an impression of polish and added confidence (without the added price tag). These tips for bringing out your business best from budget-friendly fashionista-bloggers are a great place to start.

1.  Embrace your power color. 

What color do you put on and instantly feel like the truest version of yourself? When you’re in dire need of a confidence boost, reach for it! Whether it’s been your favorite color since you were a kid or you know the hue looks amazing on your skin tone, cover yourself in it and your sense of self-assurance is sure to shine through.

2. Make a statement with an accessory.

Adding statement accessories to your wardrobe is an awesome way to boost your style without costing a ton. Whether you’re into shoes or (faux) jewels, adding an attention-grabbing piece shows that you’re confident enough to not fear standing out.

3. Create a sophisticated silhouette.

Sometimes, less is more. Play up the chic part of your personality by wearing something with classic lines. Keep the look sleek by adding delicate, minimal jewelry.

4. Pair a vibrant blazer with your favorite dark slacks.

Stand out from the crowd by punching up a subdued look with a bright blazer. The piece lets you be fun while also showing a professional angle. Bonus tip: Take @kari.montgomery’s lead and hit up a thrift store for some finds!

5. Command the room in monochrome.

Walking into work dressed in a single color head-to-toe is a daring move that won’t go unnoticed. Choosing a sleek color like black or navy shows that you aren’t afraid to come off as intimidating.

6. Don’t count out general merchandise stores.

Stores that sell lots of different things can still hold a wardrobe hit. Bold pieces that shout self-assurance are packed on every shelf. These adorable mules are sure to add personality to any outfit and won’t wreck your wallet by coming at under $30. The next time you’re picking up household items, take a spin through the shoe and accessory, and you may find a new wardrobe staple. 

7. Pair professional and playful pieces.

Achieve balance adding an unexpected element that gives your look a breath of fresh air. Polished pieces like blazers, crisp button-downs, or trousers feel more styled when contrasted with fun prints or flowy blouses. The impact shows that you’re not afraid to go off the beaten path and show your personality while still looking businesslike.

Feeling inspired? What tips and tricks do you use to put together to project confidence at work without breaking the bank?

Kayla Heisler is an essayist and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet. She is an MFA candidate at Columbia University, and her work appears in New York's Best Emerging Poets 2017 anthology.
This article was written by a FGB Contributor.

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