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July 14, 2024 at 1:16PM UTC
From resume tips (and blunders) to sexual harassment in the workplace (#MeToo), we wrote and published a lot in 2017. As the year winds down, we’re taking a look back at which of our stories were most popular with readers:

1. 13 Habits That Make You Look Unprofessional at Work

2. Cut These 7 Words from Your Vocabulary to Sound More Confident at Work

3. 41 Things You Should Never Say to Your Boss

4. Calling in Sick? Don’t Make These Rookie Mistakes

5. As a Working Mom, I’m Not Friends with Stay-at-Home Moms — Here’s Why

6. Spoiler Alert: Maternity Leave is NOT a Vacation

7. 13 Things Working Moms Should Never Need to Apologize For

8. Red Flags in the Workplace: Don’t Miss These Signs it’s Time to Jump Ship

9. This CEO Says She Won’t Hire a Candidate Who Doesn’t Do These 4 Things

10. Here’s How to Shut Down Manterrupters, Ruth Bader Ginsburg-Style

11. Why What You Wear at Work Matters Way Too Much

12. The Surprising Way Changing My Last Name Impacted My Career

13. 17 Companies Hiring Like Crazy This Month

14. 15 Words and Phrases You Shouldn’t Use if You Want to Sound Smart

15. 5 Reasons Women Love Working at GE

And here are seven of our favorite stories from the year:

1. Why I Didn't Do Anything About Being Harassed at Work

2. An Open Letter to My Catcallers On My Way to Work

3. Women — Even CEOs — Still Can’t Win When it Comes to Maternity Leave

4. Neurotic and Proud of It: An Open Letter to the Author of THAT Google Memo

5. What It’s Like to Be Gender Nonconforming in a Male-Dominated Workplace

6. No Longer the Only Woman In the Room — Women Leaders Share Their Experiences

7. I Say I'm a Feminist — So Why Have I Been Reinforcing Workplace Sexism


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