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July 14, 2024 at 1:29PM UTC
Thank you for your interest in writing for Fairygodboss! If you’d like to pitch an article on a topic you believe we haven’t yet covered, below you’ll find information on both our guidelines and how the submissions process works. 

Fairygodboss Editorial Guidelines

Fairygodboss is the largest career community for women focused on helping women achieve their career goals. Our editorial team strives to create useful, original, accurate, inclusive and engaging content that fits this mission. If you come across an article that you believe violates our standards, please contact us at [email protected].

Career Advice

Fairygodboss editorial content focuses exclusively on career-related topics. Fairygodboss does not provide individual or customized legal advice on job and career issues. Since each individual's situation is unique, a qualified professional should be consulted before taking any actions that may impact your employment situation or circumstances.


Fairygodboss articles are written by women like you, for you. A breadth of contributors — from CEOs to interns — cover a breadth of career-related topics on Fairygodboss. If you have a work experience you want to write about — and have advice from that experience you want to share — we want to hear from you.

Sponsored Content

Fairygodboss partners with leading employers to create workplace transparency and to support their efforts to improve the workplace for women. To give readers an inside view on companies’ culture and to add value to our partnerships, we write sponsored content and advertise jobs for the companies with whom we partner. You’ll find our partner content on our site and on our social media channels; sponsored articles include a blurb about our partnership at the bottom of the page.

Product Recommendations and Mentions

Our team does not request or accept free samples of products and services in exchange for editorial coverage, nor do we receive any compensation or commission from product or service mentions.
When you see a recommendation or review of a product or service, it’s based on the experience and judgment of the article’s author. Public relations firms and salespeople do not dictate our content and product coverage.

How to write for Fairygodboss

1. Send a pitch to [email protected]. We are looking for pitches that include:

  • Job search and interviewing advice, from recruiters, CEOs, HR leaders, career coaches and other hiring experts, 

  • First-person stories of career advancement and/or success secrets, with a list of tactical tips to copy,
  • First-person stories of challenges or obstacles you’ve encountered in your career, including around topics of workplace discrimination,

  • General thought leadership and tactical advice for how women can best navigate and grow their careers.

If we decide to move forward with any of your pitches, you will hear back from us within a week of your email asking to send along your submission. Please do not send pitches that do not align with our guidelines.

Because we receive an overwhelming number of pitches, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we’ll move forward with your pitch and publish your article.

2. If your pitch is approved, send us your article submission.

  • Submissions should be approximately 500-900 words and your paragraphs should be short. Please use only one space after periods.
  • Articles should be carefully proofread and spell-checked before they are submitted. Please do not submit working drafts!
  • You may include links in your article (especially to Fairygodboss articles!) as long as they are relevant to the subject matter and non-promotional.
  • You may include a brief bio (up to three sentences) to be placed at the end of each of your articles, including a link to your own website or blog.

3. We'll publish approved articles within a few weeks of submission to our community.

Your submissions will be published as articles on our website and reach our community of more than 9 million (and growing) professional women each month.
Articles you write for us may also be eligible for syndicated publication with our content partners, including Ivy Exec, Hive, and Wealth of Geeks which is a nice deal for you — two bylines, one article!

Here's what our contributors say about working with us:

  • “Fairygodboss has been an incredible resource for me, providing me with amazing insight into career issues facing women while also allowing me a platform to contribute to knowledge sharing. As their readership and reach grows, so does [Fairygodboss]’s culture of transparency. Clients have recently been reaching out to me saying they read my articles on [Fairygodboss] and want more advice, which is always an added bonus.”
Elana Konstant, Career Coach/Consultant
  • “The team at Fairygodboss have been amazing partners. As a contributor, I am able to expand my reach and give more women the tools to find new jobs and advance their careers through my articles. I consistently refer clients to the valuable resources and reviews that Fairygodboss provides.”
Alyson Garrido, Career Coach
  • “I've been a longtime fan of Fairygodboss and the work of Georgene Huang because they are forces that are helping women — particularly working mothers — advance in the workplace and in life. The wealth of advice on Fairygodboss arms working women with the vital information they need to keep advancing in their careers and shatter a few ceilings, too. I am proud to contribute to Fairygodboss because I want to help as many women as possible become the expert negotiators I know they can be. Being able to write about negotiation and topics like adaptive leadership, burnout recovery, and resilient habits allows me to share useful features of my executive coaching practice as well as parts of my own personal experience. When women win and advance in life and in the boardroom, we all will win, and I'm excited to be a part of this remarkable platform.”
Tanya Tarr, Executive Coach and Mentor
  • “Contributing to Fairygodboss has provided me with more than I expected. Certainly, it has helped raise awareness for both my blog and my mission to help women build wealth. But, surprisingly, contributing has also connected me to other women who write for Fairygodboss, and I've made meaningful links with other fabulous women. The contributor topics are also very creative; each month's ideas provide me with inspiration and help me continue to create high-quality content on a topic that is spot on for my audience of money-savvy women.”

Why women love us:

  • Daily articles on career topics
  • Jobs at companies dedicated to hiring more women
  • Advice and support from an authentic community
  • Events that help you level up in your career
  • Free membership, always