The Most Predictable Part of 'Game of Thrones''s Last Season? That Women Have to Do Everything

Arya Stark

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May 20, 2024 at 9:9AM UTC
Game of Thrones does a pretty great job keeping viewers on their toes. But I have to say, one aspect of the show is thoroughly predictable: the fact that women have to do… everything. 
Season 8 — especially the Battle of Winterfell — has only solidified the fact that female characters are the only ones getting stuff done in Westeros. And Twitter is starting to catch on. (And Cher. We can't forget about Cher.)
Sansa fed and housed Westeros’s greatest army on the tale end of reclaiming the North, and she did it without losing her cool with Dany’s smug self trying to steal her throne. Lyanna Mormont, a literal teenager, persuaded the North to side with Jon Snow, then killed a zombie giant when she should’ve been dead. Daenerys led the Dothraki, Unsullied and dragons into battle. Plus, she swung a sword and kept herself alive when Drogon couldn’t hang. Misandrei had to save the entire army multiple times... and no one even said "thank you." 
Then, of course, Arya killed the Night King with her assassin skills. And we all thought it would be Jon Snow who’d land the title, even though Arya spent years training for the job. What does that sound like? 
The memes that have come out of the revelation that women are dominating Westeros have been incredible. But really, I’m starting to get tired of women having to do all of the emotional, mental and physical labor of the realm for no pay. 
I mean, isn’t this supposed to be a fantasy? That just sounds like 2019 with way more dragons. We better end up with a queen on the throne, or I'm calling this season's finale the most predictable (and patriarchal) ending of all time. 

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