These 3 Super Productive Lunch Routines are Seriously Inspiring

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April 15, 2024 at 3:46AM UTC
Arianna Huffington enjoys eating breakfast foods for lunch. Oprah Winfrey always tries to have lunch in her garden — and will only eat food found in the garden, too. Michelle Obama likes to pack her own lunches, and will watch viral videos during her meals. 
Routines — whether they’re of the beauty, lunch, or commute variety — are unique for every woman. We may brush them off because, well, they’re routines. We’re so used to them, and they can seem quite ordinary. Simple routines really do contribute to our overall success, especially our lunchtime routines. Need to spice up yours? Take a cue from the lunches of these three women!

1. Reading, eating then taking time to brainstorm. 

Taylor Mack is the owner of two online businesses including an online bookstore called SilverFire Books. She works from home, but sticks to the same schedule she had when she worked a full-time job. Mack carves out at least 30 minutes each day to read, and usually does her reading as she eats. This is a win-win approach for Mack, no matter how busy she gets. 
“This allows my brain to reset and helps me re-focus for the rest of the day," she said. "Eating re-energizes me and gets my ideas flowing. I love to brainstorm new blog posts or marketing strategies while I eat!”

2. Eat, then get moving. 

Take a break to eat, then get moving afterwards. This is how Mary Jo Fasan — CEO and founder of Jo Chicago Communications — recommends making the most out of a working lunch. Use pockets of time in a 60-minute lunch break to go for a bike ride. Or spend some time in a yoga studio to beat the afternoon slump. 
“Taking an afternoon break to move helps reduce stress, clear your mind and leave you with an energy boost perfect for sparking creativity,” Fasan says. “There’s no roadblock a little sweat-sesh can’t solve!”

3. Sketch (or do some other crafty activity) while eating outside.

Katie Schmidt is the owner and lead designer of Passion Lilie, an ethical clothing boutique. Unlike others that may decide to work straight through lunch, Schmidt uses her break to take time away from the job — and to use that time in a productive and creative manner.
Once Schmidt is ready to break for lunch, she shifts her mind over to creative work. Schmidt takes her lunches outdoors where she can enjoy the weather and draw inspiration from nature. Towards the end of the lunch break, she takes the time to brainstorm new ideas, seek out surrounding inspiration and sketch new designs. She’ll also jot down new work or design ideas that come to her during this time.
Most of all, Schmidt uses her lunch hour to focus on herself. It may sound a bit obvious, but think about it: when was the last time you focused just on yourself during the workday? 
“Time away helps me clear my head and bring a fresh perspective to the table," she said. "Some of my best ideas come to me when I’m not on the clock!”

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