What Career is Best For My Zodiac Sign?


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There’s a reason why so many people love to know more about their zodiac signs. Unless you’re a skeptic, it can be a fun assessment of your personality type. However, it’s not just good for predicting your day or finding your perfect partner. Your zodiac sign can actually serve as a pretty solid career personality test, shining a light on why you are drawn to your interests. These are some of the best careers for each zodiac sign. 


Aries are very good at leading but typically are not the best at following. They thrive when they are able to come up with the ideas and have others execute them. Ambitious, strong-willed and creative, they do well in athletics and personal training as well as management and higher executive roles. 


Steadfast and hard-working, Tauruses like to see results and progress. They need to work in an environment that is goal-oriented and well-organized, otherwise, they can grow frustrated and mentally check out. Because their three favorite things are beauty, food, and practicality, a Taurus should do well working in finance, working in a professional kitchen, or working in a luxury industry. 


Geminis get a bad rep for being mercurial, but the “Good Twin” is smart, energetic and outgoing. They love variety and thus, work best in situations where they get to focus on a range of topics or interact with a lot of people. For all of those reasons, careers in business (charming clients, making deals), travel, or something flashy like publicity, can all work for a Gemini. 


Cancers are somehow simultaneously very nurturing and able to set firm boundaries, which makes them great for careers in nursing, nutrition, education, or psychology. They can help others, but also make sure that they don’t allow that baggage to prevent them from meeting their own goals. 


Leos are free thinkers, attention lovers, and – although they can be demanding – natural born leaders. They are generally well-suited for leadership roles but have to be sure to win their employees over before dishing out orders. Careers in politics, entertainment, as well as business, all suit Leos. 


Libras are diplomatic, cooperative, and are great at reading people. Since their symbol is literally the scales, it should come as no surprise that careers in justice are generally good for Libras, but they can excel in law, politics, diplomacy and anything involving customer service.


One of the most well-known Virgos is Beyoncé, and she pretty much exemplifies everything about a Virgo’s professional life. They are detail-oriented perfectionists who value hard-work and precision, so they work well as in positions that require research – think investigators, fact-checkers, etc. – but they also crush front desk positions and roles in the service industry because they are able to anticipate what needs to be done next. 


Like the other water signs, Scorpios are highly intuitive. They are also hard workers, expert secret-keepers and analytical thinkers, Scorpios do well in espionage (yes, seriously), research and logistics. 


Work-wise, a Sagittarius can pretty much do anything, which works in their favor because career shifts can help keep the easily bored Sagittarius engaged. They are great conversationalists, who love learning and travel, so careers in public relations, the travel industry and consulting could suit them. They also might enjoy working in education or administration, where they can motivate and inspire others.


Responsible, efficient with great self-control, Capricorns make great managers. They are independent and realistic, and able to make good plans and learn from past mistakes, which causes them to excel in leadership roles.


Aquarians are smart, visionary thinkers, who are usually both free-spirited and hard-working. Basically, they are tailor-made for any position that allows them to shake the table – be that a role at an innovative tech company, a project management position, or heading their own business.


Pisceans are at their best when they are allowed to be creative, idealistic and compassionate. They find beauty in everything and the best in everyone and get joy out of helping people heal. Careers in the arts, education, medicine, and counseling are good ways to utilize these strengths.