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June 20, 2024 at 1:46AM UTC
What makes a company a great place for women? According to what we hear from Fairygodboss members, a lot of it has to do with the CEO’s commitment to treating all employees equally. It’s also critically important to our members that they see women well represented at the top ranks. Of course, high-quality benefits and flexible workplaces also go a long way.

Here are what women had to say about these employers that are rated highly on Fairygodboss.
Apple strives to be an excellent employer overall, and gender diversity is a high priority at this company. The company says “we rely on our employees’ diverse backgrounds and perspectives to spark innovation. So, we’re hiring more inclusively, choosing partners who make diversity a priority, and creating opportunities for the next generation.”
Apple is ranked the top employer for women by the members of Fairygodboss. Here’s what women have to say about working there:
“I've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of women hired by Apple, as well as the number of women in supervisory/creative/managerial roles. The company strives to a give their employees a good work/life balance.”
“Working here has been remarkable. My manager is very supportive of my career goals and I feel like I am on a great career path. Definitely recommend working for Apple!”
“There is great support for women here. This excellent environment is built around mutual respect and what I'd call "gender-agnosticism": people deal with each other simply as people, for the most part, not "men" or "women." “
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Last year, Salesforce made major waves in the tech industry by undertaking a very public audit of its compensation practices. When a gender gap in pay was identified, the company earmarked $3 million to eradicate it.
It’s no wonder then that Salesforce gets some of the highest ratings on Fairygodboss. Here’s what some of its female employees have to say:
“Salesforce makes an effort to ensure women are hired, paid equally, and have equal opportunities for advancement. I've worked at many companies and I've never experienced anything like this.”
“The company wants to women to succeed. Opportunity is everywhere -- it's up to you to speak up and make it happen.”
“Excellent Maternity leave; managers helpful to parents' schedules. As a woman, tell them what you want and most likely they will make it happen. Don't be afraid to just ask for it.”
Square is completely revolutionizing the way we buy and sell, and it is one of the hottest startups in the bay area. In building its rapidly growing business, Square makes it a priority to establish a culture that is genuinely supportive to women from the ground up.
Here’s what Square says about its gender diversity programs on Fairygodboss: “At Square, 75 percent of Square employees report to four women executives, which includes our finance, engineering, product, business, and people teams. Our Women@ Square community has been around almost as long as our company, and leads many internal initiatives, including a new hire buddy program, mentorship opportunities, a speaker series, and skill-focused workshops. By design, we have an equal parental leave policy for both mothers and fathers (16 weeks).”
And here’s what some of Square’s female employees have to say about their experience:
“Very flexible work schedule and reasonable hours, especially compared to other places in the industry. Also has a very good culture of hiring/promoting women, at least on my team, & good parental benefits.”
“Square is an amazing [and] innovative employer and we are growing quickly with tons of opportunities. I am excited about the future of Square.”
"A great place to grow your career and feel supported as a woman."
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Accenture, a leading global professional services company, is all about walking the walk when it comes to gender diversity. Accenture has put a strong stake in the ground to say how important gender diversity is to the company, and they have many initiatives in place to help ensure that the company becomes more diverse each year. Earlier this year, Accenture took the bold step of releasing its diversity metrics -- and is so far the only consulting firm to do so.
Accenture is the #2 rated company on all of Fairygodboss, and female employees praise it for supporting flexibility and a creating an extensive women’s network. Here’s what some Fairygodboss members said about Accenture:
“Women in the workplace and equality is definitely on the agenda for Accenture Leadership. There a lot very visible women leaders.”
“One thing I really like, if you want to make a change and improve benefits, you speak up and ask for changes. Lots of variety and opportunity and the company is always reinventing itself.”
“It's a great place to work if you are a high performing woman.”
Accenture has many jobs on Fairygodboss, and they’re looking for women who want to make a career change. At Accenture, you can choose to be based almost anywhere for many positions!
At GE, gender diversity is an integral part of the business strategy. The company says, “GE is committed to taking on the world’s toughest challenges. In order to fulfill that promise around big issues like clean energy and affordable healthcare, we rely on a culture of leadership and diversity to drive innovation and productivity.”
Women on Fairygodboss love working at GE because it offers opportunity and flexibility. GE is ranked #3 overall among Fairygodboss members. Here’s what some of them have to say:
“The culture around permissive leave and flex time is great. I can do my job nearly anywhere and can take the time I need for family items without question.”
“This is a great organization to advance your career, while balancing your resposnibilities outside of work.”
“Men and women are treated equally. While the female representation isn't high in all fields, the company is striving to improve diversity through recruiting and retention initiatives.”
Because of its flexible work policies, you can work at GE from almost anywhere. Check out available jobs here now! 


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